Groom Prices And Spa

Groom Prices And Spa

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Groom Prices

Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable groomers at 88285035 NOW!


Basic Groom: 

Small to Medium Breeds $35 - $55
Large Breeds $60 and above

Full Groom:

Small to Medium Breeds $60 - $95

Large Breeds $100 and above

Full and Basic Groom Explained

A Full Groom includes ear wax removal, ear canal hair removal, nail cut and grind, paw pad hair removal, sanitary hair shave, anal expression, bath, blow dry, styling, scissoring, sculpting and clipping.

Basic Groom includes all of the above but excludes styling, scissoring and clipping of the rest of the body.

Both full groom and basic groom do not include dematting. Dematting is an added charge as its a tedious process to remove knots/tangles caused by non or lack of proper brushing and combing of the coat of hair.


Spa Treatment: 

Green Earth Naturopathic Herb Sp$60 - $180

A Japanese Neem herb based spa treatment for sensitive skin. Eliminates oily skin, dandruff, inflammatory, odour or moist dermatitis. Natural and anti-bacterial in nature. Effects last up to 2 weeks.



Semi-Permanent and Safe $50 - $150


Nail Clip & File Down ~Prevents toe splay and nail splitting:

Small to Medium Breeds $15  
Large $25  (Breeds larger than the Golden Retriever)


Ear Clean & Hair Removal:

Small to Medium Breeds $15
Large Breeds $20


Paw Pad Hair Shave:

Small to Medium Breeds $10
Large Breeds $20


Hand Strip of Coat: $60 - $120


Dematting(dependent on breed and size):

From $40 to $180 depending on the severity of the matted condition. This cost is added on top of the basic or full groom price. Please enquire further.


Undercoat Removal:

Short to Medium Lengths $25 - $45 
Long Lengths $50 upwards     

Have questions? Speak to our knowledgeable and friendly groomers at 88285035 NOW!