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Every groom is a labour of love.

We sculpt, twist, slice, chisel and chip in every groom.

Laurence, the one half of the partnership. Has his background in the world of human hairdressing, art, fashion design and advertising. He even sews, paints on canvas and denim with enamel paint using his fingers and communicates with animals telepathically.

Jamie has a background in medical and has an acute eye in fashion and detailing.

We are very much inspired by Yohji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons work in the fashion industry.

The feel is that the groom industry follows the book too seriously and thus lacks soul when it comes to grooming a dog...."the shape and contour should be this and that way". Too conforming.

Hence we groom Asian fusion inspired...our way! Inspiring a brand of Japanese street style grooms that breakaway from convention and expectation.

Each groom of your furry child is organic inspired. Natural and characterful. Easy to care for at home. Created with texture and attitude. With a dash of deconstruction. A signature look that is only from the groom studio of Pink Poodle. Asian Fusion Dog Groomers.

Kawaii, anime, toy-like grooms. 

Done with an artist's loving hands.

Art meets practicality.

We give your dog a Teddy-Bear-My-Dog™ groom.

Imagine how she will look.

Come by now!

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