Collection: Why We Are Different

We begin as artists. 

We are not interested in pursuing the kennel club international 'standards' of form and nit-picking of rounds or curves at specific places. Or have lines that complete a turn on every dog.

We pursue individuality, fun and expression. And the heart-warm feel you get after her groom. 

Smoothness, texture or disconnection at certain points are intentional. Even necessary.

Asymmetry, contrast and deconstruction are daily keywords that we live by in our shop.

In the world of Asian fusion dog grooms there is a baseline for a certain style. Even that is conforming if just clean lines or circles are followed. That can be boring. We avoid styling a dog with long and heavy coated legs that require a high maintenance back home. Instead cleverly shaped legs in contrast to a slimmer body and a bubble like head is the desired outcome. We bear in mind too that guardians want convenience and practicality. Not something they cannot deal with after the furry child has gone home after grooming. All grooms are made with the hair and skin condition in mind.

A shave down is not always the answer. We can chat. There is a lot of misleading information on diet out there. And guardians are never told the truth on what is proper and is a healthy food for their furry child. Kibble food is definitely not one of them. If you continue with that, the inflammation in and on her body will harm further. We have had over 20 dogs in our lives and have tried all the various kinds of food to experience. So we walk the talk and have good information to share with you. We care about your dogs.

If after a groom we hear you say " dog has become a toy teddy bear!“  

Our intent is achieved.

After all don't you like Anime, Hello Kitty and wildly popular animation movies like Toy Story, Shrek, Frozen or My Neighbour Totoro from the likes of Disney, Dreamworks, Pixar and Studio Ghibli.

We do.

Art meets practicality.

We groom your dog with an artist’s loving hands.

We create Teddy-Bear-My-Dog™ grooms.

Creative. Passionate. Fashion Forward Groomers.

Come by now!

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