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The groomers Laurence and Jamie believe that dogs are sentient beings. Since each dog has a unique personality with a different behaviour at communication, play and rest. A creative groom should allow that inner being to shine through. Hence a groom at Pink Poodle does not follow the rule of the book and convention. Expect more exciting outcomes.

Through their japanese inspired exposure and experience. They breakaway from full fledged western ‘official’ standards of groom that follow an expected line, structure, shape and function. Such stringent requirements can lack soul. Laurence and Jamie like to break away from ordinary level toplines, balance and symmetry. Their brand of asian fusion grooms can result in exceptionally cute and unexpected outcomes. Humour with a twist can also be expected. Expressed through exaggerated bubble heads, small bodies, bell bottom pants, and contour shaped legs. There is no need to cover up flaws and proportions that convention expects.

A Pink Poodle groom then becomes unique and characterful. Just like a fairy tale or toy that comes alive.

Expressed through an artist's loving hands. 

Creative. Passionate. Fashion Forward.

Imagine a complete makeover of your dog.

A groom that we call Teddy-Bear-My-Dog™

Both Laurence and Jamie are certified groomers.


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