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Laurence Lee is not only a groomer but also a gifted animal communicator with a large following on Instagram.

Animals are sentient beings and you can know their thoughts, hopes, fears, needs and wants.

And the purpose of being with you.

Animals are the intermediaries in our lives. They are angels in disguise and they live silently amongst all of us, watching, observing and mediating. Their lives are intertwined with ours. Touching us. Enriching and uplifting us in our human state of existence. So that we can reflect on ourselves even as they pass silently and briefly in our life time. Then they move on to another life again to touch another person and another family. It is a great story and message for those who love animals and wonder why they connect with us so well.

How Can Animal Communication Help You And Your Animal Companion?

# Helps you to understand and deepen your relationship with your animal companion.

# Helps you to understand her needs and wants so you can give her a better quality of life.

# Helps you to understand the cause of her undesirable behaviours and how to eliminate them.

# Helps you to resolve her anxiety, separation, aggression and fear issues.

# Helps in the care of her sick or end-of-life support.

# Helps to understand rescued and distressed animals, and how to settle them in.

# Helps to understand your past animal companions that have lived with you.

# Helps you to connect with animal companions who have transitted to spirit. So you gain clarity and closure.

# Helps to introduce a new animal companion into your home while there are current animals living there.

# Helps with your animal companion's household harmony issues with other humans.


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