Sensitive Skin At The Sanitary Area


No matter how much care is taken when a dog has a sanitary or belly shave, or clippering done as it is widely known. An adverse reaction can happen, and pimples or rash can appear around the area. In the dog groom industry a particular blade length and clipper is used as a precaution for this task. Which means a blade is chosen where there is a wider distance or gap between the skin and the clipper blade.

Even though with due proper observation of the technique the dog can still get a skin reaction. This is similar to a person who has sensitive skin and reacts to a shave or a particular drug when administered.

No groomer wants to hurt a dog. So such happenings are unfortunate. And even unpredictable.

Some scenarios that can cause the rash:

  • The hair growth is multi-directional. When a similar movement is made using the clipper, sensitivity is heightened. 
  • Clipper over minute tangles in the belly and anal area. The clipper can grab at these tangles and a push and pull action is created. 
  • Highly active, inactive, cooperative, uncooperative or struggling dogs. Fear of equipment, fear of a different environment or from an earlier negative conditioning.
  • Dry, saggy or eczema skin due to a poor or improper diet. Some particular breeds have greater skin sensitivity, like the shihtzu or maltese. Younger dogs below two years of age are also more prone due to their softer skin.

When rash or 'pimples' appear it's best to apply a skin ointment or a spray, and then allow the skin to heal on it's own. Even when a vet has to perform a surgery on a dog, shaving close to the skin is necessary for hygienic reasons. At times like these a rash can also develop and it is quite common.

A rash at the belly area can take up to three days for it to go away.

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