Poop Eating & Stuff. Health Issues You Must Know...

All about smelly ears and poop eating.

No. wait there’s actually more.

Today I am also sharing stuff like bad breath, diarrhoea, runny ears and even itchy paws.

I hope you're staying on to read further😊

Have you ever heard of a golden retriever that's lived up to 19.5 years old. Had a wonderful health until he passed on because of old age.

Well Dr Martin Goldstein’s dog is that golden retriever. Most dogs live up to only half that age or even less. Now don’t you wish your dog can live years beyond what he’s supposed to?

Martin Goldstein is a renowned American veterinarian with 40 years of experience. He practices mainstream science and wholistic healthcare for animals. And is an author of The Nature of Animal Healing.  He wants to share how your dog can live longer and stay healthier than he should be.

Your dog will always exhibit common health issues or red alert signals that should be heeded. And solutions should be taken immediately after, as you read further on.

Many dogs are given unhealthy kibbles as their main diet and are not given vital nutrition in the form of enzymes with pre and probiotics that can eliminate most of all common health issues. Dr. Martin Goldstein doesn't believe in kibble dog food. If convenience is what you are after and for budget issues then you must know a few more important things that can save your dog's health. Or even his life.

If you've been tackling your dog's health issues for a while, this article will be a life saver. Hopefully you've not come to accept that the below mentioned dog health issues have no cures.

You may like to relook at his diet, re-think about his medication and to add supplements to his food.

The following are distress signs that your dog is showing you.

Canine Distress Sign 1:

Eating Grass. When your dog does that he's trying to say “I've imbalance in my gut. My gut lacks good bacteria"

The Cure – eat probiotics

Canine Distress Sign 2:

Bad breath, bad teeth(not caused by non-teeth brushing), diarrhoea and eating poop.

The Real cause – His food is not properly digested in the digestive tract. He doesn’t have enough good digestive enzymes in there.

The Cure – eat digestive enzymes.

Give him digestive enzyme supplements that contain the four most beneficial types of digestive enzymes. They're protease, amylase, lipase, and cellulase. These help break down protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber in his body.

If your dog is on kibble food. Imagine this. Mushed up ingredients cooked at 400 degrees. How much natural enzymes are still left in there? All get destroyed. Raw food has very good digestive enzymes. But due to our warm and humid weather raw food doesn’t do very well with many breeds. They seem to thrive better with large breed dogs. But then again raw food has many kinds of parasites in them. So it’s best to steam meat such as minced pork or beef. Chicken meat has too many hormones in there for fast growth and can cause many health issues in dogs. This goes the same for duck or turkey meat. Stay away from exotic meats like crocodile, kangaroo and ostrich. They're too high in protein content and mess up the physiology of your dog if he's just a pet dog and a homey. Unspent energy causes chaos in his system and as well as his hormones. Over high protein food works well for working dogs with fields to run in, work and play everyday. Not in a cooped up flat or house in Singapore. 

Canine Distress Sign 3:

Smelly ears, runny ears, irritated ears, excessive scratching, itchy fur and itchy paws,

Your dog’s largest detoxifying organ is his skin. The real cause of the above distress signs are due to a lack of good prebiotics and probiotics. Fix his gut health and all these issues will go away.

The Cure – eat prebiotics and probiotics

(PREBIOTICS are a special form of dietary fiber that acts as a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut. PROBIOTICS are live bacteria that can be found in yogurt and other fermented foods. There are hundreds of probiotic species available.)

If you still prefer to feed your dog kibbles please read carefully the ingredients on the kibble food packing label. Ensure it doesn’t say it has Red#3. This is simply a colouring to fool you visually. To make the kibble look more reddish and hence more fresh looking for your dog to eat. It does nothing for your dog but it gives him a better chance of getting cancer.

Get a supplement with prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes from a petfood supply store like iHerb. Vital ingredients that can give your dog a better chance of living longer than his lifespan. So says Dr. Martin Goldstein.

Once again I am no vet. I want to make it clear here as a disclaimer that what I am sharing is based on an edited version of Dr Goldstein’s life long passion to share his findings that have helped thousands of dogs with severe heath issues. And many of whom were at the brink of death to get a second chance to live longer lives after having their diets corrected. One thing I can say for sure is that I walk the talk and have tried many many foods for my dogs. As I have had 20 of them in my life and still counting. I have seen the harm that have shortened their lives and have made me spend countless tens of thousands of dollars at the vet hoping to save them when it is too late.

Make a change now. And see drastic improvements in your dog’s coat, skin, breath, eyes, mental alertness and overall well being very soon.

Please do your own research and make your own decisions after reading this article.

~ Laurence

Creative Dog Groomer and Animal Communicator